Macro Economics Visualizor - an CMX distribution use case

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Status: [unfinished.public.draft]

One of the tweaks of the default CMX distribution I am planning, is a community pulling in GDP/historic economy and demographics data from various countries with tools to play around with them in order to explore the potential ways we may construct a society where we automate/robotize to the maximum (including governments, bureaucracy, politics, etc. - everything possible), and through the freed up resources and lowered expences, redistribute to finance Universal Income / Basic Income / ... .

Tweetdeck efficiency challenges - Information Overload series

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An article comprising summary and conclusions of a series of small examples on Tweetdeck (in+)efficiency.

Status: "[unfinished.public.draft]"

The focus is on the fact that with Information Overload, even decimal seconds starts becoming valuable, all the time we are wasting them continuously throughout the day.
It is not enough anymore to have < 2 seconds "page load" time.

Information Overlordz collaborative - an invitation

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Have you too both realised and acknowledged the fact that we are (all) continously sinking deeper and deeper into the ever-increasing digital sea of information?

I am focused on strategy and strategic tools and methods; NOT to actually win this battle, because if you have actually realised the fundamental problem here; then you know that this is a lost battle. Cannot be won or even overcome. Simply impossible. However, we can get better at swimming (or rather diving / breathing under"water"), invent new transportation and navigation/orientation means, and generally help each other improve our situation. But solve the problem at a fundamental level? Forget it.

Below: Invitation for collaboration

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